• CIS 450/550: Game Programming Design Patterns

    Spring 2024 Bradley Hall 290, Bradley University

    This course will learn the critical elements in the design and implementation of a computer games from the ground up. Discusses the components of game engines and strategies for their software implementation. Includes graphics management algorithms (animation, scene graph, level of detail); basic artificial intelligence algorithms (search, decision making, sensing); and related algorithmic issues (networking, threading, input processing). Explores the use of data-driven software design. Offers students an opportunity to use a rendering engine and to build and integrate several software components to create a complete game engine. Requires students to work on individual assignments and then develop a project in a team, which requires a report. Offers students an opportunity to learn team/project management; work division; team communication; and the software development cycle of implementation, testing, critique, and further iteration.

  • CS 140: Advanced Programming Concepts and Languages

    Fall 2023 Bradley Hall 290, Bradley University

    Advanced programming concepts and languages appropriate to computer science and computer information systems. Topics include dynamic memory management, garbage collection, advanced object-oriented concepts, generic programming, exception handling, recursion, overloading.

  • CSCI 2150L: Lab Scientif Comp

    Spring 2021 Boyd 1023 0201 & Online Zoom, University of Georgia

    This course introduces fundamentals of computer programming and uses MATLAB as the computing environment. It focuses on development of algorithms and their implementation as computer programs using mathematical models and numerical methods for solving practical problems.



  • Capstone Project I: Robotics for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Living

    Fall 2023 Bradley Hall 170, Bradley University

    Robotics and animatronics can be used to model relationships impacted by ASD for both employers and employees. Existing small-scale robotics used by Bradley’s Department of Education in pilot studies have shown positive outcomes of successful social interactions among school-age children and young adults with ASD. The objective of this project is to evaluate the existing solution(s) in use, identify opportunities for improvement, and then design, develop, and implement intelligent educational tools to help improve the employer-employee relationship.

  • Capstone Project II: Building Rehabilitation Assessment Tool for Habitat for Humanity

    Fall 2023 Bradley Hall 156, Bradley University

    The objective of this project is to produce an assessment tool where one person or a small team can visit a house, take pictures, add annotations, assess which modifications are needed, make a project plan for completing the work, and then select, order and schedule delivery of the materials and people needed to complete the tasks.

  • Capstone Project III: Expanding Bioinformatics Capability for Bradley University Research

    Fall 2023 Bradley Hall 170, Bradley University

    Bioinformatics is a rapidly growing field that links our understanding of the genetic building blocks of life with sophisticated computer science capabilities in data and information management, visualization, search methods, and hardware acceleration. The objective of this project will be to simplify and accelerate the performance and maintenance of the ciliate.org wiki website at Bradley University.

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