Our mission and vision

Our research focuses on Multi-Agent/Robot Systems (MAS/MRS), Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Modeling, Swarm Intelligence, Swarm Robotics, and Human-Robot Interaction (HRI). We strive to understand the relationships between entities and how we can simulate their interaction and apply them to AI agents (like robots) in unknown and adversarial environments. These works concern the computational issues of distributed intelligent systems having a physical instantiation in the real world, such as multi-robot systems, wireless sensor networks, or software agents. It characterizes multiple entities that integrate perception, reasoning, decision, learning, and action to perform cooperative tasks under circumstances that are insufficiently known in adversarial status and dynamical change during task execution.

Research Goal: We aim to build friendly AI social systems working with humans in harmony and supporting sustainable human development!

We are looking for highly self-motivated students who are interested in robotics and artificial intelligence. If you want to involve our research and join the IS3R Lab, please send Dr. Yang an email with your CV, transcripts and your interests.

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